Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday mornings

Sound. Such a great gift to the world. Think of all the amazing things humans do with sound. No, think of the amazing things humans ARE with sound. You know what wakes me up every Monday? Sound.(or is it fate)

After one of my late Sunday nights, I expected I would be able to sleep in a bit the next day.

I was wrong.

During my tranquil slumber, I was rudely awakened by work crews outside. they rambled on for a few minutes, but to sum up their conversation would mean a trip to the bathroom... then the liquor store.

The talking stopped and I figured I could go back to sleep, botherless. That's when the bobcat tractor, wielding a 250 lb hydraulic jackhammer, decided to start making conversation with the concrete, and I didn't like that conversation at all. Not fun. Or quiet. The week improved and surely I would not be awakened again.

Did you know that they use jet engines on septic tank pumps? I didn't either until the following Monday morning....

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