Friday, March 6, 2009

wind chimes and bad weather

have you ever noticed the great calming feeling of the wind as it rushes past your ears and through your hair? the constant coarse swish and flip of each hair as it shakes in the gusts? the soothing noise of the rippling air? the sweet pain of leaves and debris thrown into your eyes? Oh how amazing is every detail of the wind.

think of this situation:

you are walking home with friends and all are laughing and jesting (yes, "jesting").

all of your focus is on the talk occurring amongst the group

"alright see you guys later!"

-you bid farewell to your friends and press on by yourself. emphasis on yourself. it gets quiet. terribly quiet. your hair slowly stops jumping around as the wind dies down, but you notice that the wind has only seemed to have ceased around your immediate area.

"is this what being abducted by aliens is like? quiet and alone? noone watching? except for maybe that creeper, or that hillbilly in the woods....."

your thoughts plunge into what could be happening, then, (faintly)

"ding ding.... ding.... ding ding....."

you look around in an effort to discover the source of the eerie noise.... but to no avail. you continue home....

a rustle in the bushes; the wind slowly slides past you."ding..."

what was that?, you wonder what could be the cause of this phenomenon. is there really something there?

"ding ding you're all alone...."

run. run now! - you listen to your conscience and start sprinting

" you cant escape... ding ding....ding"

you are almost at your door, panting heavily. a gust of wind encircles you. fight as you may, there is no way to make it to the handle. the floor hurts as it abruptly catches you in its gentle concrete grasp. What is going on!? suddenly, your eyes catch hold of the monster.

"ding ding..... ding...."
the end (of you.)

seriously though, wind chimes are so scary.

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